Building Your New Home

Why choose Johnny Gray?


Competition is tough and by all means we would recommend that you shop and compare meticulously. After all, it’s your dream home; it’s definitely your money.

All we ask for is an opportunity to present our case and hopefully gain your trust.


If you are reading this, we assume that you’ve made up your mind and decided in favour of building your new home rather than buying an existing one. We also assume that you own a block of land or plan to purchase one, perhaps as part of a house-and-land package.

We also assume that you’ve made up your mind in broad terms about the where and why, e.g. location, neighborhood, views, breezes, etc.

At this stage, you’ll be asking yourself whom to trust to build your new home, which builder would you entrust to realize your dream home at a budget you can afford.


Here’s why you should consider us for building your new home:

We’re honest, reliable and wont’ cut any corners;
We’ll optimize the design to suit your needs;
We’ll pay obsessive attention to detail;
We’ll provide you with uncompromising craftsmanship
Importantly, we offer very competitive quotes.

Give us a call on 07 4728 5370; we’ll come to you for a chat.

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