Bathroom renovation is a worthy investment for bathrooms large and small. By ditching the old shower cubicle in favour of  a shower room with a few luxurious options such as double showers and body jets, you can transform your bathroom. Following are some home shower ideas that you should consider.

Give your bathroom an outdoor feel

The shower room depicted above has a rather deep panel window. It extends to partially cover the roof and give this bathroom a very tropical outdoorsy feel.

A free shower design for the free-minded spirit

Showers have become more and more minimalist in design, but this is certainly an extreme option nonetheless. The shower is bounded by transparent glass on all sides and it’s certainly not one for those who are shy.

Sunken showers are back

We love the sunken floor of this shower. It almost acts as a little tub and creates space for seating. There’s certainly no problem with water splash here!

How about a shower with full-length window?

Shower with full-length windowIt’s rare to see a shower with a full-length window simply because of the privacy factor. But if you have a view like this, you might just cast away all inhibitions. This kind of thing could work well with a private garden view too.

Indulge in Victorian luxury

Give your shower a regal touch. From the gentle ascent of the stairs to the black framed glass walls it’s in a league of its own. It also has a little seat inside.

It’s actually perfectly OK to seat in your shower

Think of older house guests and those with disabilities; they would certainly appreciate a seat in the shower room. The extra bit of luxury is a bonus for everyone too. Check out this minimalist shower seat!