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Life is dynamic, people’s needs and tastes change over time. What was once perfect becomes inadequate, and homes – even those initially meticulously planned – are not immune to that inevitable change. The age of the building, some outdated building technology, changes in family size, as wall as out-of-fashion design, will all affect that need for an upgrade.  It would be safe to say that some kind of home renovations, restorations, extensions, makeover, re-modelling, and alterations are part of everyone’s life-cycle.

Trust is key

Aside from top-notch craftsmanship, we believe that trust, honesty and reliability are the cornerstone of any customer/contractor relationship. We do our utmost to gain your trust throughout the process.

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Here’s how we can help

John Gray Constructions offer comprehensive residential renovation and restoration services across Townsville and neighbouring suburbs.

A competent team of renovation specialists

Our team of young, and very capable renovation specialists will design and organise all relevant approvals and build your residential renovation project, be it an extension, an alterations or restoration to the highest quality. We are totally involved in the business and shall keep you informed during the entire process.

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Quality Renovation Assurance

  • We plan and organize your project meticulously so that our team of builders will carry out their job at the highest standard possible.
  • We use the best building materials available on the market.
  • We ensure expert supervision throughout your renovation project from start to completion.

warrantyTriple Warranty

John Gray Constructions is the only residential builder in Townsville to offer a triple warranty for their renovation jobs:

  1. We provide a 25 year guarantee on all structural components.
  2. We guarantee our job up to 12 months after completion and final inspection. This is why we offer a 12 month free maintenance service during that period at no cost to you.
  3. We also offer a 6.5 year warranty on all non structural elements.

Call us to discuss your renovation project today. Quotes and sound advice are free. Irrespective of your decision, we would greatly appreciate your consideration.

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